Fitting, Flattering, Fabulous…A Plus Size Holiday Dress to Impress

Fitting, Flattering, Fabulous…A Plus Size Holiday Dress to Impress

Not the size you want to be yet?  Don’t stay home this season and miss the holiday parties!  Finding a plus size holiday dress that fits, flatters, and makes you look fabulous is easier than you think.  There was a time when being invited to a holiday party caused me great stress.  It was frustrating to say the least.  Finding something I felt confident in seemed impossible.  It was easier to skip the party and stay home.  But now I know that even if my “little” black dress is not so little, I can still look hot.

Here are few simple tricks to help you look great in your plus size holiday dress this season.

Know your style  –  Discover the style that flatters your body type the most.  If you’re not sure, you absolutely cannot go wrong in with an A-Line dress, preferrably with 3/4 length sleeves.  An A-line style dress has a snug fit above the breast with a bust line that cuts just below the breast.  The rest of the dress just falls which keeps you from accentuating any body parts you’d rather conceal.  Now if you’re one of the lucky ones with a waist smaller than the rest of the body, by all means.  Show off the curves!

Color –  Do not be afraid to be bold.  It’s no secret that black truly is a most slimming color.  But it doesn’t mean plus size women have to avoid all bold colors.  Simply start with a base color for your dress or pant suit.   Due to their slimming nature, colors such as black, charcoal, gray, eggplant, or any monotone color are the best choices for a base color.  Make sure your shell and pant are one color.  Then layer your solid dress or pant suit with a bold-colored shrug or jacket, liven it up with a sassy-colored scarf, or jazz it up with some festive jewelry.  

Size – Size is so important.  Oversized clothing makes a large woman appear larger and sloppier.  Selecting the right “style” will keep the plus size shopper from having the urge to buy larger.  If it doesn’t “feel” right in your size, it’s probably not the best “style” for your body type.  And please please please do not purchase dresses that are too small.  A “too tight” dress does not make one look slimmer, it just draws more attention to those body parts better left concealed. 

Underwear – No matter what size, the proper under garments can make or break your look.  If a bra is not supportive and “the girls” are taking a dive south, this really shortens the waist.  Pick the girls up with the right bra which will lengthen the waist and make the girls more alert.  Control top (high waist) bottoms are especially essential if wearing a certain fabrics such as knit.  The underwear should be high waist and extend at least mid-thigh.  Anything shorter than that may cause bulges through the dress.   

Wear to shop – If time permits, online shopping offers some great buys.

Check out   Most department stores like Macy’s, Dillard’s, or JCPenney offers affordable plus size holiday dresses.  And of course there is always Avenue, Lane Bryant, and Catherine’s.  For trendier looks, try Torrid, Ashley Stewart, or Ross Stores.

Thick Thelma & Slender Lorinda in Workplace Cupcakes

Thick Thelma & Slender Lorinda in Workplace Cupcakes

Ok, she’s at again.  The wafer thin chic in the office thought she’d be “nice” and bake triple chocolate cupcakes for everyone just to “show her appreciation”.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s real appreciative of all the “how do you stay so thin?” compliments that she gets from all the rest of the fatties in the office, seeing as though she never actually eats the goodies.  It’s a conspiracy!  Just kidding…. she’s probably just being kind.  Ok, who are we kidding?  I’m pretty sure it’s all part of her evil “little” plan to be the reigning Office Queen of Fit & Fabulous.

Thick Thelma (Fat Conscious): “Woohoo! It’s your lucky day!  Weren’t you just saying the other day how much you wanted a chocolate cupcake?  This must be fate.  They look amaaaazing!  And you know you will never see another chocolate cupcake like EVER again.  Just eat one now and if it’s really good, wrap one up in a napkin to take home to eat later…. oops, I mean take home “for the kids”.

Slender Lorinda (Skinny Conscious): “Uh, really?  You do know this isn’t the last cupcake that ever lived.  In fact you just had one like 3 days ago.  Just walk away.  You don’t need one and “the kids” don’t either.  Besides, aren’t you tired of Wafer Chic being the only “fit one” in the office?”

Thick Thelma:  Girl, please.  Let Wafer Chic be “fit”.  She dont even look all that happy to me.  Ok, she smiles all the time and has a lot of energy, but whatever.  You dont need that much energy anyway.  Just take a nap when you get home.  Indulge! And you know what they say, Chocolate is better than “you know what”.

Slender Lorinda:   Thats what people say that can’t get any “you know what” from being too sluggish from eating too many cupcakes.  Which is going to be what you’ll be saying if you listen to Thick Thelma (who by the way probably hasn’t had “you know what” in “who knows when”.  I’m just saying…….