I’d Rather Drink Soda

I’d Rather Drink Soda

Is drinking water one of your biggest challenges to living a healthy lifestyle?  Well you are not alone.  According to the National Soft Drink Association, sugary juices and soft drinks are consumed in the amounts of 160 gallons per person per year!  OMG!  That is A LOT of sugar and empty calories.  With sugary, deliciously flavored drinks naturally fueling an aversion to water, it’s no wonder no one wants to drink water.  But we know that drinking water is one of, if not the single most important thing one can do for their body.  Water has so many benefits that it could easily be referred to as a “Liquid Miracle”.


So how do we overcome the obstacles that are getting in the way of our bodies getting what it needs most?  It’s simple – Identify your specific obstacles and tackle them head on.


Common Obstacle to Drinking Water

I’d rather drink soda. Taste is a very common obstacle to drinking water.  If you are like many American children, you may have been raised on fruity soft drinks or somehow developed a habit all on your own.  Which probably means that unless you are in the middle of a heat wave and drenched in sweat, you’d simply rather drink soda or sweet tea.  I know…I get it.

Head on Challenge

Face the facts and retrain your taste buds:  Drinking soda is detrimental to your kidneys and your health.  If this is your obstacle, you likely need water more than anyone.  I have tried the reward method – allowing myself to drink whatever I want as long as I drink at least 64 oz of water first. This simply has not been effective for me.  The reason being, sugar is addictive.  For most people with this issue, even drinking one soda will set one on a quest for more and more; which will likely decrease the chances of getting in the needed water.  This will not be easy, but you must retrain your taste buds to acquire a different taste.  Avoid the sodas and sugars and strive for natural flavors such as lemons, cucumber, or any fruit.  You could try the reward method – if you are able to drink your 64 oz and reward yourself with one drink at the end of the day, then go for it.  But if it sends you on a desperate quest for more sugar drinks, you may need to go cold turkey and say “good riddance” to soft drinks.  Your kidneys will thank you for it.

Be sure to visit again in the coming weeks to find out how to overcome other common obstacles to drinking water such as the “middle of the night bladder alarm”.


Having the life, body, and health you want is not just an impossible dream.  It doesn’t take magic.  It takes YOU!


DREAM it. DO it. LIVE it.


Faith and Physical Health Pt 2

Faith and Physical Health Pt 2

Spiritual health and emotional health are a vital part of your overall health and can affect your physical being. Medical studies indicate that faith has been shown to reduce depression, improve blood pressure, and boost immune system, making the body less vulnerable to disease and chronic, medical conditions. So there is definitely a tie between spiritual health and good health.  But how does one get spiritually healthy?

We already know that physical health involves a combination of avoiding the things that are hazardous, absorbing the things that are good, and moderating the things that may pose a threat.  Below is a glimpse at what I try to ABSORB, AVOID, and MODERATE in order to protect my spiritual health.

Personal Relationship with Jesus Impure and immoral living Types of Music, TV and entertainment
Daily Prayer Self gratification Relationships w/nonbelievers
Regular Devotion -Bible Idolatry SELF
Fellowship Isolation
Worship Sinful Life
Wise Counsel False Teaching

Benefits of Spiritual Health:

  • Connection and social support through fellowship with other believers
  • Stress Management – Improved coping skills through prayer and the understanding that God is in control.
  • Desire to exhibit fewer self-destructive behaviors such as smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide
  • All of these things can help lead to a healthier physical body
Faith and Physical Health Pt 1

Faith and Physical Health Pt 1

Did you know that your physical health may be threatened by a lack of spiritual and emotional health?  Have you finally had long term success in incorporating healthier habits into your lifestyle by exercising and eating right?  Have you reached some fitness goals and finally giving up soda or fast food?  You’ve done all of that, yet something is still missing.  So you keep striving for higher levels of fitness and health, but soon discover you’ve done all you can do for your body.  Or maybe your healthy lifestyle is still a work in progress.  Either way, at some point you may say “Now what?”

The answer to that is simple.  Your physical health is only one aspect of your overall well-being.  If you’ve only focused on the physical, then there is still work to be done.  In order to have complete health, a person must possess spiritual, emotional, and physical health.    If you have taken poor care of your spiritual and emotional health, your physical health probably will not last.  Medical studies have shown that one’s spiritual life affects their emotional health which in turn will definitely affect the physical health, lending itself to disease and chronic, medical conditions.  It is important to care for each part of the whole to enjoy total long term health.

Spiritual Health > Emotional Health >  Physical Health

We all understand what it takes to be physically healthy.  It is a combination of:

  • Avoiding the things that are hazardous
  • Absorbing the things that are good
  • Moderating the things that may pose a threat.


The same is true in your spiritual and emotional health.  You must nurture and protect them.  A strong faith has been linked to a reduction in depression, improved blood pressure, and a boost in the immune system.  All of these things directly affect your physical being.  If you have focused entirely on your physical health and have not been deliberate about taking care of your spiritual and emotional health, it might be time for some balance.  Click in next week for more on this topic.

DietDreamer wants you to know.  Having the life, body, and health you want isn’t just an impossible dream.  It doesn’t take magic, it takes YOU.

DREAM it. DO it. LIVE it.

Fitness Fun……Move, Lose, and Groove!

Fitness is essential to any weight loss program.  For most obese or really overweight people, walking is a great start.  Unfortunately for me, I get this weird itching when I walk out doors.  I have a treadmill, but I cannot use it yet because of the 300lb weight limit (15 more lbs to go).  But thank God for Exercise TV on Demand!  I love it.  There are so many choices from ab workouts and cardio, to yoga and walking routines.  It has been an excellent way to get me moving.  I have tons of DVD’s but I really wanted some new stuff.  My favorite workouts usually have some type of dance aerobics twist to it.  I love to dance!  And I think that’s the key to sticking to a fitness plan.  You have to find something you like doing, I think it should be fun, and you have to be able to grow with it.  Here are a few of my favorites.

*        Crunch (Latin, Hip Hop, Global) – Fitness Instructor Marc Santa Maria

*        Enviga – Fitness Instructor Kendall Hogan

*        Cardioke – Fitness Instructor Billy Blanks, Jr.

*        Disco Abs –  Fitness Instructor Cheryl Burke

*        Zumba –

These workouts are challenging, yet easy to modify, making it possible to actually finish one and leaving lots of room for growth in the very same routine.  Exercise TV may change which workouts are available from one month to the next.  So if you discover one you really like, plan on ordering the DVD.  Disco Abs is no longer available, so I plan to order it online. Meanwhile, with the click of the remote, I have access to a library of great workouts.

I’d love to get any recommendations on other workout DVDs that involve dance.  Please share if you know of any good ones!