Diet Sabotage…Is it Fair to Blame the Family?

I don’t want to give the wrong impression about my husband.  He truly has been very supportive of me throughout all the hundreds of times I’ve “started and stopped” a diet.  Frankly, it’s probably confusing to him.  Since we met 17 years ago, I have been in tug of war with the diet demon.  He has never once made me feel unattractive and has never once ridiculed me about my weight.  Ok, now that I got that plug out of the way, let me share the story about the donuts.  Last night we were at the grocery store.  I didn’t realize until the cashier was bagging the groceries that he had slipped a box of donuts in the cart.  I was like, “Dude, what the heck!?”  He and the cashier chuckled at my discovery.  As we were going to the car we had a “light” discussion about it and told him I definitely did not want the kids to see them because I am trying to keep them from turning into me.  He said he bought them to take to work in the morning and that he would leave them in his car.  Ok, next morning.  I had just dropped my son off.  I was in a pretty chipper mood since I weighed in earlier and realized I’d lost 5 more lbs.  Yay me!  Anyway, as I pulled in the driveway I was thinking about my weight loss plans (as usual).  It seems like that’s the only way to succeed is by making it your primary focus all the time.  So anyway, as I turned to reach for my purse in the back seat, there it was, the devil donuts!  Ahhhhh!  How could he???!!!!  I was completely caught off guard.  What to do?  It is Saturday.  I usually cheat a little on the weekend.  Maybe just one.   It always amazes me how fast you can go from “Ms. High and Mighty Motivated” to “Mr. What the Heck, I’ll get back on track later”.  So anyway, I dash in the house and text him. “I cannot believe you left those donuts in my car!”  He responded by telling me to throw them away.  I responded, “No. I’m not even touching them.  Thanks a lot”.  He responded, “I didn’t mean to man, just chill out.”  Just chill out?  Really?  For some strange reason, that little comment really got me going.  So needless to say that set off a little texting to war.  I think he should have just apologized for leaving them and that would have been the end of it.  I tried to explain how difficult this is for me.  But in his defense, he has seen me do this so many times, he probably has no idea whether I’m truly serious or not.  After my texting tantrum, he did apologize.  So you tell me, can I really blame him?  After all, it is my problem.  But if I were an alcoholic, wouldn’t it be crucial that he not leave beer in the back seat?  I’m just saying…..  What do you think?