Do you want to live longer?  Would you like to have a better quality of life?  Then by all means, get those veggies in!  After reading this, you will have no more excuses.  There are so many benefits of eating the recommended amounts of veggies.  But even knowing this, people still have a hard time getting 5 servings of veggies in a day.  If you are one of those people, don’t give up just yet.  It is actually easier than you might think.  Take a look at these tips to get your veggies in.

Know how much an actual serving of veggies is. 

1 cup of raw veggies = 1 serving OR ½ cup of cooked vegetables = 1 serving

  • Start the day with veggies – add 1-2 servings of veggies to your breakfast such as in an omelet or a breakfast wrap.  Green and red peppers, spinach, and broccoli are great scrambled in eggs, in an omelet, or in a wrap.  Vegetable/Fruit Smoothies are also a great starter. (2 servings in!)
  • On Hand Veggies – Discover the veggie that you enjoy snacking on and place in a baggie or container.  Nibble on this snack bag all day to get one serving in.   Carrots and cucumbers are great snack veggies.  (Now you’re up to 3 servings already).
  • Make sure you add veggies to your lunch.  This is easy.  Just put romaine or spinach lettuce on your sandwich and even cucumbers.  You could also do romaine lettuce wraps with tuna or chicken salad.  And instead of adding veggies, you can make the veggie the actual meal such as a hot pureed veggie soup or a homemade soup with chunks of veggies.  (Now you’re up to 4 servings)
  • Dinner Time! Ok, you’ve done well all day so now all you need now is to enjoy 1-2 servings of veggies as part of your dinner.  Try recipes where the vegetable is the central part of the meal and not just a side, such as casseroles or stir fry.  VOILA!  You’ve got your 5 veggies in today!

Just remember, in order to get the vegetables in your diet, you cannot wait until dinner time to start eating them. Start as early as possible and nibble throughout the day on raw veggies. 

BONUS TIP – Smoothies and Salads are a great way to get 2-4 servings of veggies in at once. Also, eat as many raw vegetables as possible to get the full nutritional value. 

My Favorite Smoothie Recipe

1 ½ c spinach                                      

½ c carrots                                                                 

½ c low fat Greek vanilla yogurt

1 c frozen berries

¼ c juice (apple, tomato, or orange)

Having the life, body, and health you want is not just an impossible dream.  It doesn’t take magic.  It takes YOU!

DREAM it. DO it. LIVE it.