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Diet Dreamer is a candid and witty approach to telling a story of what it takes to lose a significant amount of weight from an honest and fun perspective.  Diet Dreamer believes this journey should be told with the ugly truth.

Funny, lighthearted, informative and honest captures the true essence of this website.  Nothing is left out of this equation.  Health & Fitness, Love & Relationships, Plus Size Shopping &Lifestyles, Recipes and more.  It’s about dreaming, doing and living.

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Weight Loss, Water, and your Kidneys

Do you ever wonder what happens to the fat when you lose weight?  I mean, where the heck does it go?  Does it just disintegrate or something? Imagine someone losing 50 or 100lbs.  That’s a lot of fat!  So what happens to it?  How does the body actually become...

You Lost 50lbs….Why are you so Darn Cranky!!!!!

This might seem strange to some, but reaching the first 50lb goal of this weight loss “go round” has been bitter sweet.  It came with feelings of victory, joy, excitement, IN YOUR FACE! kinda feelings.  But then it hit me.  I have something to actually protect now. ...

Numbers Down not just in Pounds!

So today I went in for my monthly weight loss follow up appointment.  I am excited that I lost 44lbs total and now weighing in at 306.  Those numbers are great, but the numbers I'm more impressed with are my BP numbers.  My blood pressure is down lower than its been...

Should You Lose Custody if your Kid is too Fat?

Have you noticed how much chunkier kids are today?  I don’t mean that in a cruel way.  I mean I’m a thick chic myself.  But I also know the dangers and it’s not cool.  Well after reading an article, I found out that 1 out of every 3 American kids are overweight or...

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