Fitness is essential to any weight loss program.  For most obese or really overweight people, walking is a great start.  Unfortunately for me, I get this weird itching when I walk out doors.  I have a treadmill, but I cannot use it yet because of the 300lb weight limit (15 more lbs to go).  But thank God for Exercise TV on Demand!  I love it.  There are so many choices from ab workouts and cardio, to yoga and walking routines.  It has been an excellent way to get me moving.  I have tons of DVD’s but I really wanted some new stuff.  My favorite workouts usually have some type of dance aerobics twist to it.  I love to dance!  And I think that’s the key to sticking to a fitness plan.  You have to find something you like doing, I think it should be fun, and you have to be able to grow with it.  Here are a few of my favorites.

*        Crunch (Latin, Hip Hop, Global) – Fitness Instructor Marc Santa Maria

*        Enviga – Fitness Instructor Kendall Hogan

*        Cardioke – Fitness Instructor Billy Blanks, Jr.

*        Disco Abs –  Fitness Instructor Cheryl Burke

*        Zumba –

These workouts are challenging, yet easy to modify, making it possible to actually finish one and leaving lots of room for growth in the very same routine.  Exercise TV may change which workouts are available from one month to the next.  So if you discover one you really like, plan on ordering the DVD.  Disco Abs is no longer available, so I plan to order it online. Meanwhile, with the click of the remote, I have access to a library of great workouts.

I’d love to get any recommendations on other workout DVDs that involve dance.  Please share if you know of any good ones!