Did you know that your physical health may be threatened by a lack of spiritual and emotional health?  Have you finally had long term success in incorporating healthier habits into your lifestyle by exercising and eating right?  Have you reached some fitness goals and finally giving up soda or fast food?  You’ve done all of that, yet something is still missing.  So you keep striving for higher levels of fitness and health, but soon discover you’ve done all you can do for your body.  Or maybe your healthy lifestyle is still a work in progress.  Either way, at some point you may say “Now what?”

The answer to that is simple.  Your physical health is only one aspect of your overall well-being.  If you’ve only focused on the physical, then there is still work to be done.  In order to have complete health, a person must possess spiritual, emotional, and physical health.    If you have taken poor care of your spiritual and emotional health, your physical health probably will not last.  Medical studies have shown that one’s spiritual life affects their emotional health which in turn will definitely affect the physical health, lending itself to disease and chronic, medical conditions.  It is important to care for each part of the whole to enjoy total long term health.

Spiritual Health > Emotional Health >  Physical Health

We all understand what it takes to be physically healthy.  It is a combination of:

  • Avoiding the things that are hazardous
  • Absorbing the things that are good
  • Moderating the things that may pose a threat.


The same is true in your spiritual and emotional health.  You must nurture and protect them.  A strong faith has been linked to a reduction in depression, improved blood pressure, and a boost in the immune system.  All of these things directly affect your physical being.  If you have focused entirely on your physical health and have not been deliberate about taking care of your spiritual and emotional health, it might be time for some balance.  Click in next week for more on this topic.

DietDreamer wants you to know.  Having the life, body, and health you want isn’t just an impossible dream.  It doesn’t take magic, it takes YOU.

DREAM it. DO it. LIVE it.