Ok, she’s at again.  The wafer thin chic in the office thought she’d be “nice” and bake triple chocolate cupcakes for everyone just to “show her appreciation”.  Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s real appreciative of all the “how do you stay so thin?” compliments that she gets from all the rest of the fatties in the office, seeing as though she never actually eats the goodies.  It’s a conspiracy!  Just kidding…. she’s probably just being kind.  Ok, who are we kidding?  I’m pretty sure it’s all part of her evil “little” plan to be the reigning Office Queen of Fit & Fabulous.

Thick Thelma (Fat Conscious): “Woohoo! It’s your lucky day!  Weren’t you just saying the other day how much you wanted a chocolate cupcake?  This must be fate.  They look amaaaazing!  And you know you will never see another chocolate cupcake like EVER again.  Just eat one now and if it’s really good, wrap one up in a napkin to take home to eat later…. oops, I mean take home “for the kids”.

Slender Lorinda (Skinny Conscious): “Uh, really?  You do know this isn’t the last cupcake that ever lived.  In fact you just had one like 3 days ago.  Just walk away.  You don’t need one and “the kids” don’t either.  Besides, aren’t you tired of Wafer Chic being the only “fit one” in the office?”

Thick Thelma:  Girl, please.  Let Wafer Chic be “fit”.  She dont even look all that happy to me.  Ok, she smiles all the time and has a lot of energy, but whatever.  You dont need that much energy anyway.  Just take a nap when you get home.  Indulge! And you know what they say, Chocolate is better than “you know what”.

Slender Lorinda:   Thats what people say that can’t get any “you know what” from being too sluggish from eating too many cupcakes.  Which is going to be what you’ll be saying if you listen to Thick Thelma (who by the way probably hasn’t had “you know what” in “who knows when”.  I’m just saying…….