Wow, it’s been a super busy day!  But I’m not complaining because my weight loss has allowed me to do things today that I could have only dreamed of a few years ago.  Let me back up for a moment.  Like many others, I have struggled with losing weight since Michael Jackson moon walked for the first time and Run DMC collaborated with Aerosmith on “Walk This Way”.  Yeah, you know back when parachute pants hit retail?  But anyway, about 2 years ago, after hundreds of rounds in the boxing ring, my skinny, alter ego Mia, finally beat the pounds off of Fat Me.  At 175lbs lighter I couldn’t ask for a better 40th birthday gift.  My day included a morning run, helping out in my daughter’s classroom, shopping for me (not my kids), a pedicure, dinner and dancing with the hubby, and topping it all off with a trip to the amusement park with the kids this weekend (roller coasters and all).  40 and fabulous!

So I started my day with a light (and I do mean light) jog.  You see, I always dreamed of running.  Not necessarily a marathon, I just wanted to run.  So I recently began training to run a very short marathon.  Today I ran about 2 miles.  It doesn’t seem like a lot for some of these “die hard” athletes.  But it’s a big deal to me since there was a time at my highest weight that I could not even walk 10 minutes without my back screaming at me to sit down.

But let me get back to my fabulous day!  I also volunteered at my daughter’s school.  So what?  Well, when I was heavier I felt embarrassed for my kids so I didn’t spend as much time at the school as I or my daughter would have liked me to.  At over 300lbs, I just felt like an alien around all those little kids and their thin moms.  My son was older and could care less, but my daughter wanted mommy to be at school like the other moms.  I had a lot of excuses for her, but not anymore.  Anyway, from the school I did some shopping.  And unlike the light jogging, the shopping was heavy!  I think I seriously have a shoe fetish.  I love shoes!  I could never really wear the ones I wanted because my feet were chunky.  Besides, could you imagine balancing a watermelon on a toothpick?  That’s how my big body would have been in cute heals.  So I picked up 2 pairs of strappy heals, some boots, jeans, some make-up, Spanx, and a dress.  And no, it wasn’t a “little black dress”.  I know many women dream of wearing that little black dress after weight loss.  Not me.  I have tons of black dresses in my closet because it’s the only color I wore for years.  No, I wanted color.  I dreamed of the “little purple dress”.  I could finally wear my favorite color without looking like Barney!

Next it was time for my pedicure.  You’re thinking, “Thick chics can get pedis too, why is this a realized dream?”  Ok, for most, pedicures represent relaxation and kicking back.  NOT! For a 300lb woman, it means you are going to get a workout holding your leg up because you feel sorry for the poor little woman handling your giant calf.  So instead of relaxing you’re looking forward to muscle spasms later from doing leg lifts to spare the tiny woman the burden of holding a leg that’s as big as her own body.  AND you absolutely must give a bigger tip.  So yeah, not fun.  But today, guilt-free pedi!

Finally, I went home and slipped on my “little purple dress”.  And thanks to my Spanx and going from a size 30 to a 14, I didn’t have to tug at the dress all night to keep it from clinging to my back rolls.  I strapped on my cute, high-heel sandals and hit the town with the hubby.  We went to a Latin dance class that we had been going to for a couple of weeks.   I love dancing as much as I love shoes, so it was so much fun.  And then we enjoyed a late dinner at the Samba Room.  It was fabulous!

Ok, I hope you enjoyed that story.  The thing is, what you have just read hasn’t actually happened yet.  It is truly my lifestyle dream.  I am at the beginning of my journey to get there.  25lbs down and 150 more to go.  But I wrote this so that I could visualize my own weight loss success.   Join me over the next several months and watch me realize this dream through what I like to refer to as the “3 Ps”- Prayer, Pain, and Perseverance.  I will rewrite this story in October 2012!