So today I went in for my monthly weight loss follow up appointment.  I am excited that I lost 44lbs total and now weighing in at 306.  Those numbers are great, but the numbers I’m more impressed with are my BP numbers.  My blood pressure is down lower than its

Better Numbers not just in Pounds

been in years!  I have had blood pressure as high as 176/100.  Each doctor visit since starting the weight loss program, the BP has been going down.  Today it was 126/80!  This is the part that really counts.  Its nice to lose weight to look better, wear nicer clothes, and feel more confident.  But it is so much more rewarding to have actual evidence of your overall health getting better as a result of losing weight.  It can be more motivating than dropping the pounds.  Seeing that change in blood pressure proves to me how much my weight affects my health.  I have a little more to go on now.  Gaining the weight back would mean more than just getting fatter, it would mean my BP would go back up, potentially leading to more health problems like heart disease, kidney failure, and increased risk of stroke.  Recent labs even indicated my cholesterol was down from last year.  This really puts things in perspective.  I feel like I have been spared and given a second chance dispite the way I have treated my body.  The weight loss doctor is even recommending I speak to my primary care doctor about taking me off one of my blood pressure meds.  This is exciting news!   Now my motivation is to change not just my numbers in pounds, but all the other health numbers that count like BP, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.  I thank God and pray that He will keep me on the road to better health and quality of life.