Do you ever wonder what happens to the fat when you lose weight?  I mean, where the heck does it go?  Does it just disintegrate or something? Imagine someone losing 50 or 100lbs.  That’s a lot of fat!  So what happens to it?  How does the body actually become “lighter”?  There is always this hype about drinking a ton of water to help lose weight faster.  I’ll admit, I have always failed in this area.  I guess because I’ve been able to take off enough pounds per week, so I figured I can do without the added benefit of pushing water down my throat.  Besides, I’m just waaaay too busy to go to the bathroom 12 times a day.  But then I discovered something that got my attention.  Losing weight without drinking enough water can actually be damaging to your kidneys.  Let me repeat that.  Losing weight without drinking enough water can be damaging your kidneys.  I know….I thought the same thing.

Kidneys are the organs of the body that really cleanse and remove wastes and toxins, then return clean blood back to the rest of the body.  During the weight loss process, the burning of fat and calories create even more waste in the body than usual.  Water is absolutely crucial in helping the kidneys with this vital function of getting rid of normal waste and the extra waste that comes from weight loss.  If toxins are not removed, the kidneys will become clogged and possibly develop kidney stones.  Kidney stones increase the risk of developing chronic kidney disease.  And if you’re on a high protein diet like most of American “dieters”, it’s even more crucial to drink plenty of water to prevent the chance of developing stones.  Whether you are on a weight loss program or not, proper hydration is fundamental to your kidneys’ health.

So if you are like me thinking the biggest benefit of drinking water while dieting is to speed up the weight loss, think again.  I have been convicted.  I am trying to lose 125 more pounds.   Can you imagine how much waste and toxins will be released in my body during this process?  Let’s just say water is my new BFF (that means bestie or best friend forever…….for my “not to hip” readers).  But just by using the word, “hip” should tell you that I’m not too “with it” myself.  LOL (laughing out loud).

Anyway, get that water in….it’s part of the journey!